Rants N Bants

Sun 10th Dec 2017
6:00pm | 10:00pm curfew
Tickets: £20
Age restrictions: 16+

Rants N Bants is the persona and media channel created by comedic sport, political and social commentator Dean Simon (b. April 15th 1988, in North West London). After his career as a professional football player was cut short by injury in 2012, Dean put his knowledge of physical fitness and nutrition to use by becoming a successful personal trainer. Love of football and studied insight into the dynamics behind professional sport, led to an initial series of commentary videos on YouTube  in March 2016 – designed to share strong personal opinions with humour (rants) and to incite passionate authentic dialogue with fellow fans (bants).

While views and follower numbers built steadily into the tens of thousands, the topic and tone of Rants N Bants video content veered toward the political in June 2016, when Britain’s government announced a referendum vote to decide whether to leave the European Union. Speculation on the impact of such a seismic political move on the world of sport, shared with his familiarly ferocious but approachable humour, expanded Rants N Bants viewership from thousands of football fans to millions of concerned and angry citizens seeking a no-nonsense perspective.

The dizzying sequence of a narrow vote to exit the EU, the immediate resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron, the unelected and awkward appointment of his successor Theresa May, her disastrous start to Brexit negotiations and her controversial survival of a general election against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn – were all covered by Rants N Bants, in a newly-minted role as writer, editor and political correspondent for Vice Media. His “Chat Shit, Get Elected” videos each achieved over a million views, broadening his appeal from a young adult fan base to viewers of all ages – and cementing his reputation as a vocal representative of modern Britain.