El Far3i

Tue 21st Aug 2018
8:00pm | 11:00pm curfew
Tickets: £13
Age restrictions: 18+
Presented by Arts Canteen & Superculture

Arts Canteen in collaboration with Superculture present three acts by El Far3i, Z the People and Al Raseef.

Line up :

El Far3i-الفرعي music can be described as a mixture of Hip Hop, Arabic Folk and Acoustic Rap and Arabic poetry. He believes in the power of his music and exploring and adapting the lyrics to fit the current social and political conditions.

El Far3i is a Palestinian Jordanian songwriter, percussionist and vocalist based in London, founder of Arabic Folk and Acoustic Rap solo act (El Far3i) and Hip-Hop Mc Far3 El Madakhil. Inspired by the surroundings and the high-speed changes, El far3i shares his thoughts and visions in verses, grooves and melodies from the eastern side of The River Jordan to the outer world and back.

El Far3i means coming from a branch which is a symbol of growth and reaching outwards to the world by feeding from the roots.


Z the People زين الناس is a singer, producer, and keys player from the Palestinian diaspora.

Born in the Washington D.C. USA and a product of many Soul and RnB influences, Z has carved a reputation for his style of mixing of Soul and Arabic music. His songwriting reflects the struggle of two worlds colliding, and the search for home in a scattered universe.



Al Raseef ع الرصيف is a band and a musical idea that started in Ramallah, Palestine in 2011, that plays Arabic and Balkan music in vibrant and varied grooves, with a contemporary and new fresh arrangements. The sound is characterized by the versatile colors of wind instruments; brass and woodwinds, accompanied by a guitar and the drums; which sails you on a musical journey around the Mediterranean and its diverse cultures.


“Mina Zena” is the band’s first live session, studio recorded album, consisting of 10 pieces of the Mediterranean heritage and folklore. It was recorded in Genoa (or Zena, as it was once known) a city in the north-west coasts of Italy, where the members of the band met in a music institute coming from Palestine, the Syrian Occupied Golan Heights and Italy; to find new experiences and to broaden their musicianship regarding Western music, Classical and Jazz.

Al Raseef can be considered a World Music project due to the various styles, mixtures and cultures that form the band. Playing basically traditional folk music of the Arab World, Turkey, and the Balkans with a huge Euro-Mediterranean influence. The sound and the arrangements are original, where you can easily hear Jazz and Classical Music influences; you can even hear a hint of Ska, Funk and various grooves that goes along with the music as a part of the original sound of what was once traditional.
The band started on a sidewalk in the city of Ramallah, and this is where the name comes from, (Al Raseef means “on the sidewalk” in Arabic). 


The idea was to play on the street and deliver music to friends and passers-by. It was a new experience and a new challenge in the midst of society’s political and social dilemma. Afterwards, the band participated in many musical performances in theaters and festivals in Palestine. Most of the band members moved to Italy in the summer of 2014 to complete their advanced  music education. 


They were joined by two Italian musicians and a player from the Occupied Syrian Golan, to add to the band a new color that distinguishes the diversity of cultures and different musical backgrounds of the musicians. This gave the band the ability to provide diverse music and vitality, starting from Palestine, sailing through the cultures of the Mediterranean, the rhythms of North Africa and the melodies of the old continent; until it anchors on the shores of the Levant.

Al Raseef has performed in several events and festivals in Palestine such as the “Wein A’ Ramallah Festival” in Ramallah, “Rock to Bethlehem Christmas Festival” in Bethlehem, “Palestine International Festival” in Toulkarem, “Palestine Music Expo 2018”, and several others, including a tour of all major cities of Palestine. They have continued playing in the streets of Italy and beyond, performing in several places all around; including few festivals such as the “Andersen Festival” in Sestri Levante, “CHE Festival”, “Improland Festival”, and the “SUQ Festival” in Genoa, and more.