Cyborg Living

Thu 10th May 2018
6:00pm | 9:00pm curfew
Tickets: £Free
Age restrictions: 16+

How often do you go out without your smartphone?
What’s the longest you’ve gone without the internet?

Whether you’ve noticed it or not, we have become cyborgs – human-machine hybrids. Whether it’s Facebook selling our personal data to be ‘weaponised’ by Cambridge Analytica, or Google suggesting answers to questions like “are women evil?” to people who asked for no such thing, our lives are affected by the machines we are living with. Cybernetic networks are all around us – and thinking about ‘neutral tools’ is no longer helpful. You’re already a cyborg… join us to help find out what would make a good cyborg!

6:30 pm Are You A Good Cyborg?
Game designer and philosopher Chris Bateman takes us on a journey through the strange world we now live in, asking what the good life might look like for us cyborgs.
7:30 pm Cyborg Living Panel
Lively debate about our relationship with technology, the internet, robots, and machines with Babette Babich (philosopher at Fordham University, New York), Chris Bateman (award-winning game designer and cyberethicist), Kate Devlin (lecturer at Goldsmith and expert on AI, ‘sex robots’, and technological change), and Todd Swift (poet-in-residence at Pembroke College, Cambridge University).

A special night as part of of Justin Robertson’s “It’s Alive!” Exhibition, and Book Launch Event for Chris Bateman’s new book The Virtuous Cyborg, from Squint Books.