Get It Off Your Breasts LIVE!

Thu 8th Mar 2018
7:30pm | 9:00pm curfew
Tickets: £12
Age restrictions: 18+

It’s our first ever LIVE SHOW! We are so excited to kick off Season 2 with a splash on International Women’s Day!

Get It Off Your Breasts is a female-led round table discussion with a difference. It’s an unfiltered platform to discuss the current and more general issues getting under our skin. Hosted by Author and broadcaster Emma Gannon & radio host Lliana Bird, and produced by Shola Aleje. It’s been recommended by The Guardian, launched with a huge banner on the iTunes homepage and currently has 70+ five star reviews on iTunes!

We are also inviting two very special guests to join us for this live show, trans awareness campaigner and journalist PARIS LEES who was recently profiled in VOGUE as part of “The New Suffragettes” and author and body positive activist MEGAN JAYNE CRABBE aka @bodyposipanda.

The format is simple: we each pick an issue that is currently getting under our skin and talk about it on stage for 15 minutes each, chatting and debating as we go. We want to involve YOU too!

In the final half an hour of the show we will be asking you to write down anything you want to Get Off Your Breasts, and we’d love to read them out and discuss. You can get as involved as you like, or you can sit back and enjoy your cocktail, whatever your preference!

Past topics have been wide-ranging from sleep-shaming, genderisation of kids clothing, homelessness, cheating partners, feminism, public hair… such a mix, both funny and serious.

We’ll be doing 2-4-1 cocktails from 5-7, with a Get it off your Breasts special cocktail on the menu.

Hope to see you there! x