Funzing Kids Talk: Face Your Fear of Creepy Crawlies

Sun 18th Mar 2018
4:00pm | 6:00pm curfew
Tickets: £12
Presented by Funzing

Turn your children’s fear into fascination! Encourage your child to explore nature up close and personal with this unique educational creepy crawly workshop. Your children will not only learn interesting facts about a selection of exotic insects, arachnids and giant snails but also be able to meet them in person and even take a picture holding them! We will even teach you everything you need to know about keeping these fun and unusual creatures as pets at home. Many are incredibly easy to care for and are easily obtained her in the UK.

You will get to learn about and meet:
-A variety of tarantula species
-Giant house spiders
-Giant Stick insects species
-Giant African Snails
-Giant Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches
-Giant Millipedes
-Black Forest Scorpions
-Tailless Whip Scorpions

Creature Courage are the animal phobia specialists, we make overcoming fear fun! We will help children overcome fear and hesitation with these animals and encourage a healthy curiosity instead. We will include education on how children can overcome fears and phobias so they can build confidence not only with creepy crawlies but in other areas of life as well.