Life Drawing – East London Stripper Collective

Tue 12th Jun 2018
7:30pm | 9:30am curfew
Tickets: £
Age restrictions: 18+

 If drawing in unusual scenarios is your thing – it doesn’t get much more unusual than this… Join us for another extraordinary and genuinely inspiring life drawing class in an actual strip club. Our very talented dancers are expanding their repertoire. No longer content to save their attributes for the private rooms, they are now performing incredible routines (with the added twist of holding still) for our more artistic patrons to capture them in motion.

We are giving artists a unique opportunity to draw strippers while in their place of work. The classes are entirely self-organised and hosted by a group called East London Strippers Collective (ELSC), a group of strippers challenging stereotypes and societal attitudes towards strip clubs, by inviting a new audience of onlookers inside. Our doors are open to professional artists, designers, sketchers, illustrators, animators, doodlers, students and first-timers alike.

We have worked out a section of the class called “strip-freeze” – a striptease routine interspersed with one minute poses. As the model performs a strip show on stage, our class-leader calls out “Freeze!” giving the class one minute to capture her pose before she continues moving. This section is a warm-up exercise for the class, and an intense drawing experience. Once the model is naked, the length of the poses follow a more traditional pattern, with five, ten and fifteen minutes at a time.

The class will be led but not tutored. £15 per person. All levels of ability welcome, same for gender. All materials are available for a £2 donation (free for students who bring photo ID).

For more info about East London Strippers Collective go to: