Anti Diet Riot Fair

Sun 1st Jul 2018
Tickets: £2 or donation

The Anti-Diet Riot Fair is a mini-market bringing a new type of shopping experience to delicious fatties & curvy babes in the UK!

Hosted by Anti Diet Riot Club just in time for summer and festival season, The Anti-Diet Riot Fair (TARF) aims to combat the lack of fun fashion experiences for fat, curvy, and plus size people on the high street and at events. If you’re plus size, and sometimes even if you’re above a size 12, shopping can be a stressful and traumatic ordeal…lack of styles for bigger bodies, inconsistent sizing, cramped changing rooms with 360 mirrors, and if there are plus size ranges in high street shops then they’re squashed into a corner and might as well have a flashing ‘FATSO’ sign above it!

The Fat Riot Fair is an antidote to that kind of hellish experience…being all about enjoyment, colour, fun and excitement! Bringing plus size, inclusive, and alternative brands from across the country together under one roof for one day only for an interactive market experience for sizes 14 and above…complete with a swap shop (bring something to exchange!), cocktails, braiding & brow bars, alcoholic candy floss, photobooths and DJs spinning classic & empowering tunes.