Pump Up The Jam – 90s Rave – Prodigy Fundraiser Special

Sat 20th Apr 2019
9:00pm | 2:00am curfew
Tickets: £5
Age restrictions: 18+

After hearing the devastating news of Keith Flint’s passing, we’ve decided to dedicate our next event to him in his honour.

We’ll be donating the profits from the tickets to The Samaritans. Who are constantly trying to help people going through emotional distress, to try an do our part in preventing such events occurring again.

Expect to hear such classics as:

Out of Space // Fire Starter // No Good (Start The Dance) // Breathe // Smack My Bitch Up // Voodoo People // Warrior’s Dance // Poison // Omen // Pump Up The Jam // Adagio For Strings // No Limits // Finally // Freed From Desire // Two Times // Rhythm of the Night // 9pm (Till I Come) // Sandstorm // Encore En Fois // Smack My Bitch Up // What is Love // Gypsy Woman // Better Off Alone // God Is A DJ // Ride On Time // Sing It Back // Show Me Love // Ecuador // Sweet Harmony // Castles In The Sky // Children // One More Time // Feels So Good // Praise You // I Luv U Baby // Lady (Hear Me Tonight) // Not Over Yet // Everybody’s Free // Touch Me // Lola’s Theme // I Need A Miracle // Don’t Call Me Baby // Insomnia // Destination Calabria + Loads more

Room 2: 90s/00s Party Jams

We’ll be giving away buckets of free glowsticks!


Tickets available HERE!